​​​​Jeffrey Lee Cotton, II Esq.

Attorney at Law



My goal is to obtain my clients fair & ethical, yet highly-favorable resolutions to ALL their legal problems - by any means necessary. 

As my client, whether you need detailed research, intricately-drawn  documents, calculated negotiations, strategic settlement planning, or even just plain, old-fashioned & aggressive litigation, your agenda is ALWAYS my top priority.  


Not only will I educate you about your case, but I will represent your matter, however necessary, to ensure your best interests are advocated for, and achieved, during EVERY step of the process.

Don't Worry & Stop Waiting - Just Call Me; I'll handle It!!











Practice Areas:

Divorce & Separation

Child Custody & Support


General Practice &

Business Litigation

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       **Non-Idaho Residents Litigating in Idaho are Welcome and Encouraged**


  10400 W. Overland Rd.

  PMB 231

  Boise, ID 83709


  (208) 322-9672